CENTURION is an NFT that gives specific rights and utility inside the 3A ecosystem.

Centurions have a long history as symbols of honor and strength, much like the elite commanders in ancient Rome who fearlessly led their legions into battle. In today's crypto world, Centurions represent a strong community.

The program's goal is to reward those who have been with us since the inception of the DAO.

Centurion NFT - unlocks privileges

  1. Referral Rewards: 1.5x multiplier on your referrals when calculating A3A rewards

  2. Voting Power: 1.2x multiplier on your voting power.

  3. Early Access to new products and features within the 3A DAO ecosystem.

  4. Exclusive Referral: Specific premium products may have referral rewards only for Centurions.

NFT Supply and Allocation:

  • The total Centurion NFTs minted is 501.

  • 1 NFT, numbered 0/500, is reserved for the DAO and will be utilized for marketing activities.

  • 178 NFTs can be claimed by qualified addresses (refer to the note below for details).

  • 322 NFTs are designated for marketing activities, collaborations, and the growth of the protocol.

When a Centurion NFT is transferred to another address, the associated rights and utility are also transferred.

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