The 3A protocol is developed and governed by the 3A DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

The DAO is legally registered in the Marshall Islands, as a non-profit 3A DAO LLC.

3A DAO LLC is managed by Managing Members. The initial Managing Members were approved by the community of A3A token holders in the voting process.

New Managing Members can be selected by the existing members or proposed and approved by the token holders.

Managing Members are responsible for the operational aspects of the DAO. They also suggest strategic decisions to the token holders and execute them depending on the token holders' vote.

Everyone holding A3A tokens in their wallet or staked in the cashback pool is allowed to vote. There are 2 categories of token holders:

  1. Regular users - 1 A3A token represents 1 vote

  2. Centurions - holding a Centurion NFT gives 1 A3A token the right for a 1.2 vote

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