A3A Rewards

Stability Pool A3A Rewards

Users who stake EURO3 into the Stability Pool continually receive A3A token rewards, proportionally to the amount of EURO3 staked.

For the first 4 years after launching the platform, SP Providers will receive up to 73,000,000 A3A. After that, 3A DAO will decide how many daily A3A rewards will be distributed. It is expected that the number of A3A per day will gradually decrease over time, similar to the Bitcoin block rewards.

Yields generated by the Stability Pool will be variable since they are generated by real economic activity on the platform and market conditions.

Liquidity Pool A3A Rewards

Users who provide liquidity to the 3A supported Liquidity pools will be rewarded with A3A tokens in addition to a portion of trading fees. Those campaigns will be announced on 3A Discord and Telegram channels.

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