Referral System

Existing 3A users can invite new users using referral links. Referral links track the actions of the invited wallets. When new users perform specific actions with their wallets, the existing user is rewarded.

We reward all actions that generate fees to the cashback pool.

  • Minting EURO3 loan (min 0.5% fee)

  • Redeeming (min 0.5% fee)

  • Paying for Premium Services (Bots)

Rewards are paid in A3A tokens and are getting distributed every 2 weeks. The total number of A3A tokens sent as rewards is predefined by the DAO. Users compete for a share of the rewards every 2 weeks based on the fees generated by their referrals.

The rewards are calculated off-chain and distributed on-chain.

It helps address protocol scalability, gas fees, future growth, and evolution as well as the security of the platform. The referral program tracks specific on-chain actions in the protocol to reward users, who can be either a NORMAL USER or a CENTURION.

Calculations for distribution rewards:

  • T: Total EURO3 revenue brought from all referred addresses (Minting+Redeeming+Bot Purchase)

  • M: EURO3 Revenue brought through my referrals

  • C: Centurion NFT→ C=1.5 if not, C=1

  • R: Total biweekly A3A rewards

  • P: Payout to a person with referred addresses P= (R/T)(M*C)

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