Quick Start

A quick explainer of how to borrow EURO3

3A protocol allows users to deposit whitelisted tokens into a 3A Vault and borrow EURO3 at no recurring interest. Follow those steps to navigate the 3A app:

  1. Click on “Create a Vault”

  1. Select your desired collateral by clicking on the “Collateral” bar

  1. Enter the amount of tokens you want to use as collateral in the “Deposit” section

  2. Enter the amount of EURO3 in the “Borrow” section.

Keep an eye on the Health Factor at the bottom of the screen. Lower number means higher risk; higher number means lower risk. The Health Factor is calculated real time and is color coded for your simplicity.

There is a 0.5% fee calculated in EURO3 that gets charged at issuance. After that there is no interest on borrowed funds

  1. Approve transaction and mint EURO3

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